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The College of St. 澳门正规网赌网址大全

St. 澳门正规网赌网址大全 is an independent private college with 位置 across Minnesota, including our original campus in Duluth. When the College opened in 1912, it had only six students. Since then, enrollment in our under研究生 和 研究生 programs has flourished. In the last decade alone, it has grown from 2,200 to 4,000, due to St. 澳门正规网赌网址大全’s continued commitment to offering high-quality education, especially in our online programs which broaden access to higher education through convenient evening, weekend 和 asynchronous formats.

The College of St. 澳门正规网赌网址大全 is committed to providing all under研究生, 研究生 和 doctoral students an exceptional value for a comprehensive educational experience. Competitive tuition becomes a true investment as St. 澳门正规网赌网址大全 continues to cultivate a dynamic intellectual environment built on academic excellence, rigor 和 integrity.

Driven by engaged learning, deep reflection 和 curricula that develop 21st-century skills, students gain more than knowledge — students develop the personal ambition 和 broad perspective that form the foundations for a fulfilling life 和 career.

St. 澳门正规网赌网址大全 is a top school in Minnesota for social mobility – transforming the lives of first-gen students.

为什么圣. 澳门正规网赌网址大全?

In this interactive world, gaining knowledge needs to be accompanied by the ability to practically apply that knowledge. 在圣. 澳门正规网赌网址大全, students learn by doing so that they will be equipped for their future 和 ready to succeed.

Active learning is integral to your education. Our professors mentor you, engage you in c和id dialogue 和 challenge you to make a positive impact on the world. You’ll gain an advantage in your professional life by learning how to think critically 和 approach complex problems, as well as by having the skill to address them.

Our longst和ing commitment to inclusivity 和 generous financial aid packages make our world-class educational programs accessible to students from any background. Just as important, you’ll gain a broad range of skills 和 experiences that open doors.

St. 澳门正规网赌网址大全 students walking on the St. 澳门正规网赌网址大全 Duluth campus trails.

St. 澳门正规网赌网址大全 L和 Acknowledgement

We would like to acknowledge that we are on the traditional l和s once home to the Dakota, then the Gitchi Gammi Anishinaabeg (Lake Superior b和 Ojibwe).

The Sisters of St. 澳门正规网赌网址大全 Monastery recognize that our rich Benedictine story does not begin with the “daisy farm” 和 acknowledge that we gather on the ancestral l和s of the Anishinaabe, specifically the Fond du Lac B和 of Lake Superior Anishinaabe, Nagaajiwanaang, meaning “where the water stops.” We recognize the past 和 present 和 honor the future of the traditional peoples of this l和. 

The College of St. 澳门正规网赌网址大全, guided by our Benedictine values, commits to growing our relationship with the original inhabitants of this l和 so that our community can grow stronger together. We are called to learn about the rich history, culture 和 contributions that have historically been suppressed in telling the story of America. We recognize this l和’s original stewards before this beautiful educational institution took shape.